J.A.P. Heesterbeek, H.A.J.M. Schellinx, J.M.A.M. van Neerven

Das Fegefeuer Theorem (De Purgatorio). Eschatologische Axiomatik zum Theoretischen Sündenmanagement

Litzelstetter Libellen Ziemlich Neue Folge (ZNF) Nr. 2, Libelle Verlag, Konstanz 1992, ISBN 3-909081-55-X


This book gives the Deomathematical description of Sinning. You, reading this summary on this Internet page, should stare into your deepest Ego and contemplate whether your Sin-load is bigger than 10 (jokes about the Royal Family [UK readers] or Dan Quayle [US readers] already drive it above 25) while your Extensional Soul-balance is below 0. Do not contemplate too long though; we, the authors, have noticed you and wonder if you really will buy. Yous Soulsearch probably reveals that You, Reader, are a Sinner. It then good to know that we rigorously prove that Purgatory exists. Buying this book will favourably influence your personal grill time.

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