Tests for Calculus/Analysis, module 1

By whom? Within the framework of an ICTO-project of the Faculty of I.T.S. (Delft University of Technology) some tests are developed for the service courses in Calculus/Analysis. The first results can be found below. At present these exercises, both contents and underlying software, have not been extensively tested. Any comments or remarks please send to g.h.sweers@its.tudelft.nl mentioning ICTO and the corresponding quiz.

For whom? The quizzes below are suitable for those who believe they master the corresponding subject and want to put this to the test. Our guess is that each quiz will take about an hour and will not be doable without pen and paper computations. After finishing a quiz the score will appear and one can have a look at possible solutions.

How? The tests below require Acrobat Reader and Javascript. Both are freeware and should be available on most modern computer systems. Although loading the test within MS Explorer or Netscape (by clicking on the pdf-icon) will probably open AcroRead, some features of AcroRead (such as full screen mode) will only work when AcroRead is used independently. Hence we would advise the user to download the pdf-file (right-mouse click and 'Save as' ) and then open the saved file directly by AcroRead. In any case there is no need to stay online after the download.
P.S. The latest version of Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from Adobe.




 Complex numbers.




 Ordinary Differential Equations.

Latest revision on November 21, 2002.

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